Thursday, September 30, 2010

I swear I made it back from Europe alive.

I just thought I should tell you because you would have no idea by my post frequency. I am super busy at work right now, and when I get home, the only thing I feel like doing is pouring a glass of wine and watching Chelsea Lately. Is it sad to say that I barely have the brain capacity left after a long day to even do that? I am outta "work shape." That and "wearing-heels-all-day shape." Oh yeah, and just outta "shape" in general-I learned that when I participated in this Marine Core Mud Run last weekend. It was nuts, people. I should dedicate a post to that run alone sometime later.

So anywho...stay tuned because I am going to show you all pics of my new room decor this weekend. I glittery pink heart the way it turned out. Until next post...

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