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Monday, October 25, 2010

Just in case you were having a case of the Mondays....

I think Jessica has got it right. I may try saying this to myself in the mirror in the morning. Only I think I am too tall to stand on my bathroom counter. I also think my landlord wouldn't appreciate it.

I saw this at first at Sweet, Southern, Sassy, and Classy. Thanks girl!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

& voila! My room unveiling...

You all probably remember awhile back when I wrote a post about redecorating my room. Well, finally, (probably more appropriately named) Slacker Kathy has time to unveil the photos:

My duvet is from Urban Outfitters. My mother made my bedskirt and some of my pillows. The rest of the pillows and my sheets are from HomeGoods.

This nightstand is from HomeGoods, and we replaced the knobs with fun colorful ones (also from HomeGoods. You all- they were $7.99!) Notice a theme?

I really love the pillows my Mom made, jobs so well done that I think she is fit for an Etsy shop (but then again I have been telling the seamstress this for a long time now). This is the front of the pillows:

And the back. She used the same three materials for both sides and the piping.

I wanted bright, happy, different, mix and match, and I think we achieved just that. What do you think peeps?

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