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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Perez, ENOUGH!

*warning: this is slightly politically charged

I love Perez Hilton, but, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. I am going to throw up if I read one more blog posting/tweet about Miss California. I consider myself a pretty open minded person, and I am in no way saying Miss California's view represents or does not represent my own. All I am saying is I am sick of hearing about it.

Actually, I just lied. I will say it: I do not agree with the Beauty Queen. I believe marriage is a personal choice, and I am in no position to cast the first stone. However, I do believe in another principle: THE RIGHT TO HAVE YOUR OWN OPINION. Move on Perez: At this point, the girl is being harassed. The reason for my rant is (after a week of bashing the girl) Perez just posted something on his blog about her breast implants. This was the final straw for me. After an entire week of retaliatory blog posts, I am starting to feel like the woman needs some defending. COME ON MR. BLOG GOD! TRUE: If you want to win Miss USA and you have the complete opposite feelings of the judge on a controversial issue, you punt the question. TRUE: At this point, you have been coached and know that this is a very likely final Q. However, as much as I believe in the right to personal choice, I also believe in the right to your own views, and I would think a world class blogger such as PH would as well. This is America, Perez. You are insulting the very FIRST AMENDMENT that you stand on. Leave the girl alone and go back to making fun of the usuals. I do not mean to sound apathetic to Perez's views. I actually completely agree with him. I am just saying that I think he should realize that he is undermining the very system he represents when he continues to throw a tantrum about a personal opinion like a wounded 5-year-old. Here's a band aid and a M&M. Now, stop your crying. SHESH.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Talk Twitter to Me

My friend "R" sent this video to me (see below). The end is pretty ridiculous, but the beginning is hysterical. As a twitter newbie, I find myself a little obsessed. This obsession exists mainly because reading tweets is like reading a real time celebrity gossip magazine, and as I have shamefully admitted before, I am a celebrity gossip junkie. I will defend twitter all day long, but if you really think about it, it is pretty obnoxious. Many of you probably did not even have to think about it to reach that conclusion. Why do I feel the need to keep the world updated with my life on an hourly(ish) (and for some people minutely/secondly) basis? Completely aware of the foolishness of the whole thing, I will contently continue my twitter existence. In the meantime, enjoy the video.

Tweet. Tweet.


Retraction: I just got a nice message from a BLOGGER techie about my problem. I fixed it out on my own, but I am still grateful. K, REALLLLY goodnight now!

Self Help

Not so unexpectedly, there is NO ONE TOO HELP ON BLOGGER. However, I changed my format, and I think my comment capabilities are in full force. Don't hold back now. I actually was attributing the lack of comments to my technical situation. Now that I am up and running, please don't let me down, friends. :) More substantive stuff later. Night everyone!

Technical Difficulties

AHHH. Having problems with the blog- hence the drastically different layout. Why are my friends having problems posting comments? I may not be the most computer savy individual, but it seems as if the settings are err...set? If you know, please help. My email address is in my profile. Be back soon.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Batteries not included

Just when you think they have invented everything. Don't worry folks. You can drink your coffee without taking a break. Yea, that's right. Edit your excel doc with every sip. Keep those billable hours a'tickin'. Introducing the coffee mug mouse:

Oh yea, and please don't mind the coffee stains on the desk. But, that's not all. Visit http://gizmodo.com/5226050/10-gadgets-with-too-many-stupid-features?skyline=true&s=i for a list of "10 Gadgets With Too Many Stupid Features." Personally, I like the MP3 Taser. I mean, what gal doesn't walk to her car alone late at night while listening to music with headphones on, just in case someone will attack? There is nothing like being prepared. However, I think I would prefer a pedicure robot who likes to take law school exams. Maybe I am in the wrong field.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

In Musical Love

I am in musical love with Lady Gaga. Jump on the bandwagon, right? But I am talking all her music, not just her top 40 hits. According to Wikipedia, she began her career with Def Jam as a song writer. She wrote music for artists including Britney Spears, New Kids on the Block, and Fergie. I must say she is a little ... different(?) as is evidenced by her comic bookesque lightning strip face paint and white (are they for batting?) gloves. However, fashion differences aside, you MUST download her music. It is getting me through (irregular) work outs, study sessions, and trips to the store. Some of my favorites: Beautiful, Dirty, Rich; The Fame; Money Honey. ENJOY.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

At least she has a sense of humor.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


This made me want to cry:
(and by want to I mean really it happened)


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Terrible World of Universal Computer Power Cords

Business Associations down. I cannot say it is the most prepared I have ever been for an exam, but I can happily say it is over. I began my morning with a 10 minute computer crisis. The Toshiba piece to my universal power cord was nowhere to be found. Considering the fact that my battery lasts a whole 20 minutes, I thought I was handwriting the exam (only to find out 2 minutes later that my professor was not accepting handwritten exams). Luckily for me, a friend of mine who was handwriting another exam let me borrow her computer. PHEW.

This is the second time I have lost the stupid power cord piece. Targus makes them wayyyy too loose of a fit. I need to invest in a new power cord STAT.

In other news, I am already planning away my summer weekends. I think we may do a girls' trip to Charlotte for K8's birthday. And by a trip I mean they are coming up to NC to visit me. T-minus 10 days until freedom.

Monday, April 20, 2009

A New Day

I am kicking it into drive. If only I can pull myself away from the blog world long enough to be productive.

CTK: step away from the blog.

Why is this so addictive? As if I need another vice.

If You Seek Amy

soooooo over exams. Just a thought.

Sunday, April 19, 2009
OK, so I am suppose to be studying for my exam on Tuesday. I know, I know. But K8 and I are going for Chinese food. Steamed dumplings, anyone? AND I really cannot get over the B Spears playing in the background. Why is she so amazing circa Spring 2009? Maybe I am going through a quarter life crisis?

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