Monday, June 8, 2009

Boom. Boom. Pow.

The theme song of the weekend as well as the most ridiculous song ever. Well, maybe not ever but...somehow, when Fergie starts singing those ridiculous lyrics, in tune with the theme, I begin to start ridiculously dancing. Welcome to my Saturday night.

K8, D&Me, and I explored Charlotte in a Cliff Notes version of a weekend. The two girls got here Saturday afternoon, and we kicked off our condensed visit with a trip to the Taste of Charlotte festival.

Random shot of the crowd from Flickr

A large fabulous meal and a few glasses of vino later, we were those girls that Dane Cook talks about: the ones that stand in a circle at the bar with their pointy shoes, not talking to anyone else because they are too busy dancing and singing to one another.

So judge as you may, but I had a blast. I was sad to see the girls go.

Quite unlike my Saturday night, tonight I decided to catch up on a little pleasure reading. I am about to begin Chelsea Handler’s, My Horizontal Life. If you haven’t passed it in a bookstore yet, you will be amused to find it is quite literally named. I LOVED Are You There Vodka, It’s Me, Chelsea, and I have heard this one is just as good. I pretty much just love the woman in general. She is pretty, uncouth, and hilarious. Did I mention uncouth?


Rosalyn said...

Don't judge me for showing up your stalker tool about 8 million times tonight. I was trying to figure out how to get my blog to show up on my picture. I did! Also, Boom Boom Pow, so much fun! I wish I was still in Charlotte instead of preparing to get up early in the morning and go to work again.

Kate said...

I haven't read her books, yet! I want to get on it soon. I think of you every time I see her shows on our tivo! So much fun this past weekend -- see you in a few days!! xo, your irl friend

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