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Monday, August 17, 2009

M.I.A.- My blog status not the insane airport

I know. Before last week’s post, I was absolutely missing in action. In analogous terms- I am the wedgie in a Victoria Secret photo shoot. I am the nutritionist in a Hershey’s chocolate bar quality control evaluation. I am the psycho girlfriend at a guys’ night out. Basically, I am a buzz kill blogger.

At first, I was just not in the mood, but then, I felt so guilty about the neglect that it spiraled a little out of control.

My last two months in 250 words or less: After leaving Charlotte, I R&Red in Florida for a week before starting my second clerkship of the summer, this time in South Carolina. This past month has been a blur of briefs, memos, and happy hours. I enjoyed an amazing trip to D.C. where I pretty much assumed the role of your standard tourist, visiting all the monuments and such. I also LOVED Georgetown. Why didn’t anyone tell me they had an H&M there? The cruelty…

In reading news, I finished Chelsea Handler’s, My Horizontal Life. Hysterical. I mean, call your friend and read her/him paragraphs out of various chapters, hysterical. Guys and gals alike would enjoy. My friend T picked it up one night and expressed his manly seal of approval. I also read (don’t judge) Lauren Conrad’s, LA Candy.I must say, despite its lackluster reviews, I was pleasantly surprised. I don’t necessarily believe I gained any IQ points reading that book (apparently the critics were expecting such), but it was entertaining. It sorta helped me understand the almost impossible to understand life of a reality t.v. star- one that I would not mind entering myself. Is there anyone out there interested in filming Real Life: I am a 3L? Kidding. But, I do promise there is a lot of drama, more than you would ever imagine…

Now, it is back to my reality. We start school on Thursday (MY LAST YEAR OF LAW SCHOOL EXCLAMATION POINT) My mom is here helping me get my life together. She drove nine hours from Florida. She is amazing.

What has everyone else been up to?

P.S. Final word count: 265. I lied.


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