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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Le Passport Drama Continued

Sooooo.... If you read my last post, you know about the passport sitch. Well, a fabulous little birdie that works on The Hill (not to be confused with The Hills) is helping me get an expedited passport. I overnighted the thing. I messed something up on the application. So, they overnighted it back. I had to stand in line at the post office for two hours, only to find that I needed a copy of the back of my driver's license. I sprinted a few blocks to the local library to make a copy, and I sprinted back. No one wanted to let me back in line b/c the passport station closed in 10 minutes. I begged. I almost cried. The guy working the station let me give him my application. I overnighted it back with another overnighted slip so they can mail it back. I realized that I didn't answer two questions. I seriously think I am not suppose to go to Japan. You all, this is seriously just a Cliff Notes version of my dia de la passport. I think I need anxiety meds. And will Chat Tea make it to Japan? Stay tuned....


M said...

Hope it all works out!

Leslie @ A Blonde Ambition said...

Don't worry girl, I'm sure everything will work itself out. I love traveling, but getting all of the pre-trip junk sorted out is NO fun : (

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for ya and sending positive thoughts your way!!

christa elyce said...

omgawsh! i hope that this brightens your day... YOU WON THE GIVEAWAY! email me your mailing address to jemappelles.christa@gmail.com and i'll forward it to ginger from seamstress of avalon.


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