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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

High Society- Minimal Morals

Is anyone else watching High Society? I am embarrassed to admit that I do. My initial fascination with the show stemmed from my intrigue with socialite Tinsely Mortimer. The social scene poster girl recently turned handbag designer/reality TV show star's life is a constant page 6 (or Who Wore It Best) feature. Despite her controversial fame, I do respect that she makes frequent philanthropic efforts. BUT some of her co-stars are (how do I say this...) ridiculous amounts of awful! Especially Jules Kirby. The infamous New Yorker must have given her publicist the day off when she decided to lash out in a discriminatory diatribe. It was pretty disgusting. Regardless of my critique, I still find myself watching. However, I am beginning to think it is just because I love the opening OneRepublic song so much (which I embedded in this post below). Can we say, guilty pleasure?


Risley said...

lol! I totally em watching! I love the drama :)

Anne said...

I'm guilty of watching too! Always liked reading about Tinsley but holy cow her friends are awful! I'm shocked that they'd agree (particularly her mom) to do the show.

Anonymous said...

I pitty everyone being so dumb. Tinsley was the producer of the show. Of course she tried to make herself look better. Jules Kirby does not even have a publicist. I am not watching.

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