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Thursday, June 24, 2010

A post about a great dietary find (almost exclusively in parentheses.)

First of all, if you are an anti-parentheses person, please reference the title. This post is NOT for you. I almost made a Budweiser commercial reference here, but then I realized it sounded like I was referencing NON-RX drugs- with which, I am not cool.

OK, so despite the fact that I have a pretty good excuse for not blogging- READ: Bar study (Yes, uppercase "B." I did the other kind of bar study last summer)- I find blogging way too much of an enjoyment and a release to quit outright. That, and also I knew I couldn't milk a new blog design post for too much longer. No matter how much I love the new layout.

The only three things that (should) be on my mind right now- besides that the 100th episode of The Hills airs next week- is exercise, diet, and the Bar.

So, I just have to tell you about my new favorite dietary item. Before you see the picture of this item and judge me, realize that I know NO food item should ever be packaged this way. Especially, if the company actually expects people to buy it. But, I learned from Hungry Girl that this Tofu-based spaghetti substitute is only 20 calories per (legitimate) serving size. It is also vegan and gluten free. It is also pretty good. I mean, usually when I eat spaghetti, I do not think: wow this spaghetti is soooo tasty (unless it is homemade pasta- thanks, Mom.) Usually, I am WAY more impressed with the sauce. But, that being said, it tasted like any other spaghetti to me. (Did I mention that I am Italian?)

Word(s) of warning: It also smells like a litter box when you open the bag. (Am I convincing you yet?) But the bag DOES acknowledge this (in a lot more euphemistic way.)

Despite the negative attributes (which I clearly gave you a warning about), this stuff is good, cheap, healthy, and satisfying. I honestly recommend it as long as you promise to plug your nose before you microwave it for one minute. (After that one minute, I swear it transforms itself into a scentless food item. ) End parentheses. Also, end big hips. Cheers to 20 cal. pasta!


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