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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Switch it, Change it, A-Rearrange it

Judging strictly by facade, this blog appears as though nothing has changed, but behind the scenes, it's a regular DIY Network show. Simply put, there is a lot of renovating a-going on here.

I am not talking about new shoes, a new playlist, or even a new haircut (although, all true). I am talking temporarily, a new living situation, possibly, a new job, and certainly, a new attitude.

I am back in South Florida for the time being, soaking in the rays and pushing out the resumes. Well, I have actually only applied for one job so far (that I really, really want). In the meantime, I am trying to make contacts and keep the creativity flowing.

I don't have an air-tight plan exactly, but as my mom likes to say in her infinite mom wisdom, I have an outline. And the great thing about an outline is that it leaves room for change.

I know I get a big fat "F" for giving specifics, but I will iron out the wrinkles in detail when all is in order.

Have a great day, my bloggies.


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