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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Batteries not included

Just when you think they have invented everything. Don't worry folks. You can drink your coffee without taking a break. Yea, that's right. Edit your excel doc with every sip. Keep those billable hours a'tickin'. Introducing the coffee mug mouse:

Oh yea, and please don't mind the coffee stains on the desk. But, that's not all. Visit http://gizmodo.com/5226050/10-gadgets-with-too-many-stupid-features?skyline=true&s=i for a list of "10 Gadgets With Too Many Stupid Features." Personally, I like the MP3 Taser. I mean, what gal doesn't walk to her car alone late at night while listening to music with headphones on, just in case someone will attack? There is nothing like being prepared. However, I think I would prefer a pedicure robot who likes to take law school exams. Maybe I am in the wrong field.


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