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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Perez, ENOUGH!

*warning: this is slightly politically charged

I love Perez Hilton, but, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. I am going to throw up if I read one more blog posting/tweet about Miss California. I consider myself a pretty open minded person, and I am in no way saying Miss California's view represents or does not represent my own. All I am saying is I am sick of hearing about it.

Actually, I just lied. I will say it: I do not agree with the Beauty Queen. I believe marriage is a personal choice, and I am in no position to cast the first stone. However, I do believe in another principle: THE RIGHT TO HAVE YOUR OWN OPINION. Move on Perez: At this point, the girl is being harassed. The reason for my rant is (after a week of bashing the girl) Perez just posted something on his blog about her breast implants. This was the final straw for me. After an entire week of retaliatory blog posts, I am starting to feel like the woman needs some defending. COME ON MR. BLOG GOD! TRUE: If you want to win Miss USA and you have the complete opposite feelings of the judge on a controversial issue, you punt the question. TRUE: At this point, you have been coached and know that this is a very likely final Q. However, as much as I believe in the right to personal choice, I also believe in the right to your own views, and I would think a world class blogger such as PH would as well. This is America, Perez. You are insulting the very FIRST AMENDMENT that you stand on. Leave the girl alone and go back to making fun of the usuals. I do not mean to sound apathetic to Perez's views. I actually completely agree with him. I am just saying that I think he should realize that he is undermining the very system he represents when he continues to throw a tantrum about a personal opinion like a wounded 5-year-old. Here's a band aid and a M&M. Now, stop your crying. SHESH.


almost DUNN said...

A-the- MEN sister! NOT TO MENTION, I feel absolutely terrible for the ever adorable Ms. North Carolina. Umm, people, she won the pageant. Does anyone even REMEMBER her name? Poor, poor, beautiful little girl. Her assigned PR team needs to be doing a major campaign right now, honestly. Look forward to more miss tea!

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