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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I need a plan

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Sooooooooooo I graduated and spent some time with my family- which I must say was amazing (pictures to come as soon as I can get them off my Mom's camera). But now, here I am, just starting Bar Review. I looked at the schedule of classes and realized that I NEED A PLAN. I spent last night questioning several attorneys at an event about their study plans. We started Barbri so early that we have most Fridays off (which is awesome!). I know it is early in the game-day two of Bar Review to be specific- but I would love to have a plan of action for peace of mind purposes. To all my dear current and future lawyer readers: do you have any suggestions?


Across the Pond said...

Congrats on graduation! Girl, I am a person who likes having a plan too :) Let us know what you end up planning!

Samma said...

Study. A. Lot.

Just kidding. Sort of.

I worked after class each day, so then I would get home from work and do the practice junk. This sucked. Don't work while studying for the bar.

Do take a break after class to clear your mind, then practice practice practice. I made a lot of note cards, b/c writing things out helps me. Then in traffic, on the treadmill, while waiting for friends to meet me at dinner, I studied the cards.

CowgirlLawyer said...

I agree with Samma--don't work. Since I had night class, my schedule was a little different than yours, but I think day class will be a lot better for you. Review the material before class (this can be the night before)--go to class--come home and take a break--review your notes from class (if you have time)--do practice questions and essays--relax.

I'm not going to lie, I didn't study as much as I could have or should have. If you don't have the time (or attention span), skip the before class review. It's more important to review your outline after class and do practice questions. I read too much and didn't practice enough. I realized this after taking the practice MBE and getting an awful score and hearing that the people with good scores did more practice, less reading.

Once the classes were over I found a study partner and we spent 6-8 hours a day in the library going over 2-3 topics per day as well as 18 MBE questions. It helped to ask each other questions, talk out answers, issue spot the essays, etc. We spoke a lot faster than we wrote, so it seemed like we got a lot more accomplished than if we studied alone.

During the last 2 weeks before the exam I also started listening to the Kaplan audio lectures. I can try to email them to you if you want. I thought they were really helpful. Oh and I also made flashcards during those last couple weeks. It really helped me to write it out.

Sorry I wrote such a novel, but this is all very fresh in my mind (:

christa elyce said...

Ooo good for you!

Thanks for your comement on our Disney World vacation. I am so glad that I brought our best camera to get the coolest photos of the trip!

Jax said...

First things first.. CONGRATULATIONS! Second, dont worry about a plan.. It will become apparent as you start studying. When I studied for law school finals, I had to have total quiet... When I studied for the bar, I blasted music in my ears via my ipod all day. haha. That's just one example. I'm just sayin.. remember that first semester in law school when you were like "I need a study group.. dont I...or should I study alone? Or should I come to study at the library?" Remember how you wanted a plan then...but then ultimately found your niche (could be wrong here, but just guessing), totally go with that! :) Go with your gut on what to do.

I worked full time in the days and did bar review in the evenings...b/c I had no choice. I needed a job and they wouldnt give me that whole summer off.. so yeah. But, I'd recommend not working unless you have to.

I remember everyone saying you dont get SERIOUS about studying til July 1. Well.. I'm here to tell you.. I went to every bar review class in June.. and was pretty whatever about it. I mean.. I did the work, but yeah. Then, July 1 hit and I thought some massive freak out would occur.. and it didnt. And I got so worried like "hell.. why am I not freaking out yet?!" But then.. on July 4th, WHAM. I was like "OHMYGOD I'm GOING TO FAIL!" haha.. So I kicked it in high gear like I've never kicked anything in high gear before. I'm just sayin.. try not to listen to too many peeps and just do what feels right. You know how to pass this thing, girl! XOXO!

d.a.r. said...

I will definitely agree on the 4th of July thing--all of a sudden, the panic and paranoia set in hard and fast!

Just take it as it comes. You'll figure out what works best for you. I did the iPod version of the class because I lived so far away from the closest class location and didn't want to spend 2 hours a day in the car PLUS I don't study well with other people around. I just kinda figured out what worked best for me, what times of the day was the easiest and most efficient for me to study, and what exactly I needed to do in order to study...you'll figure it out, you survived 1L year :)

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