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Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Barely Blogger

I have been on study M.I.A. status (Well, for Blogger, but it seems my tweeting has significantly increased in a last ditch effort for procrastination. Let's call them study breaks for sanity purposes.) I just wanted to check in with the Blogosphere again. See, still alive, even despite the fact that after studying all day for a certain subject, I couldn't tell you 80% of what I studied. I feel as though none of this is really getting into my head. Everyone says, "It does, I promise." But here we are, July 18, and I still can not yet say it is sticking. (Le sigh.) Well, in positive news, all of this will be done in 10 days. Yay, for that tidbit! An IRL friend tweeted this link today, and it hit the nail on the head and pinned the tail on the donkey. Both. At one time.

We know that the loved ones (and tweeps) in our lives are so sick about the negative Bar study chatter, but this explains how we feel right now. (click here to read)

I would like to incorporate this post by reference. Thanks to Thanks But No Thanks who posted this.

Catch you all later alligators.


ImNobody said...

Thanks for the shout-out! Hope you're hanging in there.

Amanda said...

That was such a good post...keep your chin up!

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