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Thursday, July 1, 2010

It is time to get down and boogie

This blog title is a misnomer. Despite my frequent tweets about Barbri, the urgency just really hadn't shown its ugly, little urgency face yet. Then, a classmate today announced that we had just 3 weeks to cram this stuff into our little heads. Heart beat. Heart beat. Wait for it..... ok and go...ahhhhhh. I must say, this panic was well deserved and needed. Let's just call it a constructive panic attack. So, I am not professing desertion (which did you know was a fault-based ground for divorce in SC according to my domestic relations outline. I didn't. See, there I go.) of this blog. But, my posts may be a few weeks apart. In fact, I can predict the titles. Number one: "Tomorrow is the big day." Number two: "I am on vacation. Peace out." I kid, I kid, but really I am going to try and spend less time on the internet. So until then, my friends, peace, love, and crossed fingers for me passing the Bar.


Jax said...

I wish I could link you my blog from when I took the bar..but it was my old blog that I've since shut down. Anyway, I took a total hiatus, but then in mid July, I started blogging EVERY DAY. It was my only outlet and.. I knew my friends were getting sick of me talking about the bar in person where they couldnt escape! ha! I figured no one had ot read if they didnt want to. *shrugs* Anyway, the freak out moment is perfectly normal...and you're hitting it at the EXACT point you should. A lot of people peaked too soon and that's NOT GOOD. You're going to peak right at the exam aka awesomsauce! You rock it, girl!

And when you start thinking any of the lecturers are somewhat attractive, know you've officially entered bar exam insanity.

Amanda said...

Good luck!!

very married said...

haha i'm right there with you! reeeeaaadddyyyy GO!

Anonymous said...

I left a little something for you over at my place! xo

d.a.r. said...

Bahaha! I tried to take a blogging hiatus (look at my archives from last July). I think I lasted a week??? It was my only connection to the real world!

Hang in there, the complete freak out is totally normal. One of my classmates got like a 24% on the mid-term and passed. I think it is designed to be too hard and scare the crap out of you :) Buckle down, hang in there...it is almost over!

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