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Saturday, August 28, 2010


Tomorrow at this time I will be eating authentic gelato...in Italy. Fingers crossed that flying standby works out for me (meaning not only do I make it to Rome but that there is an empty seat in first class with my name on it- the benefits of flying on a buddy pass.) I will be spending a total of 10 days in Europa- a few solo days in Italy and a few days in Paris and Nice with my aunt. As my mom so accurately described my trip to the lady ringing us up at a used book store today, I am doing the Eat part of Eat.Pray.Love. Her inaccuracy is in what she failed to report-that I am also doing the Drink Wine part as well. I will be sure to upload some photos. Until then,

Ciao mi amici!


ShelbK said...

Kathy's trip: Eat, Drink, L♥ve.

Have an amazing time Kathy! Please post pictures regularly, be careful, relax and have fun!

I can't wait to hear stories. Love ya!

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