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Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Cure to the Recession

Someone should pretty much proclaim Chat Tea a Nobel Peace Prize winning economist. I have just found the answer to the Recession: release me into the best malls in major cities. I am almost certain Charlotte erected a statue in my name when I left South Park Mall yesterday. South Park- the name suggests a stocky neckless cartoon world where there is no such thing as credit card debt. My friends, there is nothing fantasy about the damage I did yesterday. That being said, I am having a ball of a time in the Queen City. I love where I work, and I love where I live.

If you could see me right now, you would officially LOL. I am crouched down in the corner of my new room in a sitting up version of the fetal position in the one spot where I get limited Internet. I only hope it lasts long enough to post this ridiculous stream-of-consciousness. Mid 90's, I cursed the hellacious fax like sound of dial up Internet. Now, I would give my newly South Park purchased silver shoes for the familiar screeches of AOL. However, thank God I moved on from Chat Rooms to Chat Tea. I mean, posting information about your life on the WWW is much err...safer, right?


Anonymous said...

excuse me, no giving up the silver shoes!!! see you soon :)
xo Em

Anonymous said...

Two reasons I chose USC for my legal studying: (1)Steve Spurrier and (2) South Park Mall. Only one of those has yet to disappoint me :)

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