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Tuesday, May 12, 2009


OK. True story: exciting things are happening this week. For example, I am moving into a new place & starting a new job. The not so exciting things? Well, I will be without my roommate, the internet, and cable for a week. BUMMER. I am completely aware that complaining about no internet and cable makes me sound like a bigger brat than Veruca Salt in her quest for a golden goose. However, I feel that I am neglecting my blog duties (huge sigh). I guess I will have to make a...wait for it...pen and paper list of the happenings of the week. I also guess that you can just call this post an obnoxious technidependency admission.

I must say that I am PUMPED to begin my temp (6 week) life in Charlotte. I am fortunate enough to have my weekends filled with visits from friends, family, and of course, Kyle.

So, I am asking you, dear friends, to please forgive my lack of internet this week. The useless Chat Tea Ness will continue from Charlotte once the cable company gets its act together.


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