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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Live from the Charlotte airport...it's Thursday night!

I just stepped into a SNL skit, folks. I got to the airport about an hour ago. One of my law school buddies, let's call her "Samantha" (thanks D&Me), is flying out of the country. She does not live in Charlotte, so it is pretty funny that we are both leaving out of the same airport, 3 gates down, around the same time- she, flying to Sweden & me, flying to FL. Anyway, we planned to meet up at the airport bar, but unfortunately, I got here a few minutes to late.

It turns out that was not the most unfortunate thing in the world though because if we sat together talking at the bar, I wouldn't have gotten this complimentary front row seat to the freak show.

I roll up to the bar solo and grab a seat on the couch next to an outlet (so I can plug my computer in). There are at least 50 seats available in this joint. Well, a man in (I kid you not) PINK & YELLOW POLKA DOT pants and A MATCHING SHIRT sits in the seat that is practically on top of mine. When I say pink polka dots, I don't mean pink pants with a subtle pattern (which I still think is terrible). I mean in your face, quarter size polka dots. I have actually been exploring on Google for the past 10 minutes to see what terrible company actually manufactures this ensemble. Apparently, they don't want to admit it via the web.

If that is not enough, when I go to plug my computer in, the other man next to me, who is in a suit (not the polka dot kind) and on a computer, tells me that I cannot plug my computer in because he is using the outlet. There are two outlets, his computer taking up one. So, 30 min later, I sit here and stare at the empty outlet. Maybe his imaginary friend has plugged his imaginary computer in that plug. Ok, not that strange, but then:

I order a turkey sandwich. I eat my sandwich. No big deal. Then, 5 min after I finish, the server brings me over another one. I tell her thank you, and remind her that she already brought me mine which I thoroughly enjoyed. She looks at me like I have three eyes and says, "I am just going to keep it right here." What the hell does that mean?

Maybe in isolation none of this raises to the level of the Twilight Zone. But after this series of unusual events, I had to fight back the urge to stand up and say "Liiiiveeeeee from the Charlotte airport.....it's Thurssssssday night!!!"


Anonymous said...

sounds like your time in CLT was waaaay more interesting than mine. so sorry I missed that display. how did I become a Samantha?

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