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Saturday, August 28, 2010


Tomorrow at this time I will be eating authentic gelato...in Italy. Fingers crossed that flying standby works out for me (meaning not only do I make it to Rome but that there is an empty seat in first class with my name on it- the benefits of flying on a buddy pass.) I will be spending a total of 10 days in Europa- a few solo days in Italy and a few days in Paris and Nice with my aunt. As my mom so accurately described my trip to the lady ringing us up at a used book store today, I am doing the Eat part of Eat.Pray.Love. Her inaccuracy is in what she failed to report-that I am also doing the Drink Wine part as well. I will be sure to upload some photos. Until then,

Ciao mi amici!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Change is in the Air

Well, actually, a bunch of changes. Besides what I have already blogged about-moving into a new house and being just weeks away from starting my career-a ton of other things are changing in my personal life. With all the big things happening in CTKland, I decided I needed a fresh start. I wanted a fun project in line with the change theme, so I am doing a little redecorating in my bedroom. Right now, my room is what you would probably classify as "shabby chic." Antique furniture, lots of paisley, and a mixture of pastel blues, greens, and yellows.

I have spent a few days looking for inspiration. Most of the rooms I am loving have bold colors and mixed prints. Lots of bright blue, green, yellow, and orange. Mixtures of floral prints, bird prints, and other fun patterns.

Room design by Kendall Wilkinson.

Same room as above by KW.

I found both of these photos on Apartment Therapy, designs by Kelly Van Patter.

I found this photo at Beautiful Habitat.

South of Market bedroom modern bedroom

And this gem of a bedroom is Jessica's of Front Porch Studios. My fabulous blog designer.

I also keep finding myself at the website of one of my favorite designers, Jonathan Adler.

I also found some great duvets at Urban Outfitters.

Find it here.

It is hard to see but there are yellow and blue birds amongst the green. Love this one. Find it here.

Find it here.

And of course I perused trusty ol' Etsy for some bedroom decor. I love these pillows.

Find it here.

Find them at this Etsy store.

Find it here.

I also bought a ton of different pillows and shams at Homegoods that I am still deciding whether I am keeping them or returning them.

The colors are a lot brighter than the photo makes them seem, but this was taken on a not-so-great Blackberry camera.

Clearly, right now I am all over the place with my color palette and style, but I will let you know what I decide. Have a great week!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Exclamation Mark

A legitimate form of punctuation or a grammatical faux pas?

I have mixed feelings about the familiar dot and hovering straight line. I can compartmentalize my exclamation mark emotions into the professional and social settings.

In a social setting: I have a gender bias. When a guy uses an exclamation mark, I raise an eyebrow. When a girl doesn't use one, I think "wow, she is having a bad day." I try to use them sparingly, but with twitter, I find myself using a "!" at least once per 140 characters. Am I that excited? Am I really exclaiming something? Likely not, but sometimes a sentence just falls flat without a good ol' "!". Plus, everyone uses them so I don't want to be the girl that sounds angry, right? Apparently, I cave to exclamation mark pressure.

In a professional setting: This should go without say- No way Jose. As a newbie professional about to enter the workforce, I am fully aware that "!"s are a no-go. The only thing worse is a smiley face. I take that back. Use a winky face, and you might as well pack up your belongings and expect service of a sexual harassment complaint.

So just what is it about the "!"? (how is that for punctuation?) Are we texters/bloggers/tweeters/email & letter drafters just that much more excited than our predecessors or are we abusing the *shift + 1* key on our keyboards? Are you a victim of exclamation mark pressure?

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Tomorrow's project

I am attempting to stain a piece furniture. This is my first time, so I am trying it out on a bookshelf that a friend of mine made and sold to me for $10. It is just made of 2X4s, nothing glam, but I figure if I can stain it, and then cover the back with a fun fabric (so that you cannot see right through it), it will work great for a year until I splurge on some real furniture of my own.

I'll let you know how it turns out. Have you ever stained a piece of furniture?

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Done and DONE

I am happy to report that the Bar is finally history. Well, I say that knowing that I could very possibly have to re-do the whole thing in Feb. Yes- It seemed THAT bad.

However, for the moment, I do not have to wake up to study. THAT is something worth celebrating. (ching ching on the champagne glasses)

I moved into my new house. This is the first time I have ever lived without roommates. I feel like a real-life grown up now. What is a real-life grown up (?) you ask. Well it is one very different from a fake one that graduated college and took a year "off" (I call that year my hiatus year because I did nothing but lay at the beach and work part time. Tough life, huh?)

It feels kinda weird. It feels kinda good. I have a month off, and I think I may attempt a 2 week version of "Eat.Pray.Love." Translation: I am going to try to standby to Europe, quite possibly by myself, for a vacay with myself- this is all contingent on whether my friend PJ can come as well (and I really hope she can). I will keep the blogosphere posted.

I know this post is a bit of rambling (wo)man kinda post but my mind is going a million miles an hour right now. Unfortunately, my body is going about 1 mile an hour. After taking the Bar (it is 3 days in SC) and moving out of one house, then into another, and then on to attend a 3 day seminar type thing for the Bar, I am a bit of a zombie. I will collect myself soon. I promise.

In the interim, I hope all is well, dear friends.

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