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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Delayed Bandwagon Jumper

That's me. I resisted the Grey's train for years (apparently 7 seasons), and here I am, with a purchased-for Hulu account. On season 3, episode 10. I have already watched season 7. I need help. I am seriously addicted. Like in a not-so-healthy-spend-a-perfectly-good-Saturday-at-home-watching-episodes-kinda way. What is my problem?


Jax said...

It's.so.addictive. I understand...haha.. I talk to people like the Grey's cast are my friends... like "Well, Meredith did ___ and seriously... what was Christina thinking?!" haha.. :) There's also a blog that the writers do every week. I think it's called Grey Matter or something. It's pretty good! Check it out sometime! :) That's where I learned that they actually write the END of each season first...and then work their way backward. Interesting, right? So the whole season, they're planning "what can we do to get us to that end result we want?" I like that.

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