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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Let Go

I know my latest posts have been less about fashion, less about football, and more about feelings. I know that this recently-induced introspective blog theme may cause a few bloggers to "un"follow. Jay Z may be in an Empire State of Mind. I am just in a State of Mind. Again, a period of reflection with all that has happened as of late.

You all know that Frou Frou song right? Let Go. From Garden State. It seriously places me (delivers me/carries me and all other forms of transportation) to a new dimension. Because I am feeling generous, and I remember that my Kindergarten teacher Ms. Toups taught me to share, well, find it here:

Do you ever find you just need to let (it) go? Not specifically talking about people, nicknacks, or POGS (kidding, but I really did have a collection of them growing up), just need to let it go, generally speaking. Well, regardless if you agree (or disagree), at least I shared a pretty awesome sauce song and photo with you. That's fair, right?


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