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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Still throwin' back

RKS and I had a discussion of all the things we remember from the early 90s. Like Trapper Keepers, Lisa Frank's purple, pink, and strange (now that I am looking back) graphics on everything, and Pogs. We spoke about how funny it would be if we rolled up in the middle of a decently populated area and started throwing slammers down and making pog trades. Then, RKS showed me this forum question, and I do not know why I found it so funny, but please tell me this person is joking- the person who actually answers this question even more so than the actual crazy that asked. And, this is coming from someone who shamefully admits that she was the proud owner of a million pogs and at least 4 slammers. Hilarious. Do you remember any of these three throw backs?

"Pogs" Value? How much would I get if I sold some pogs?

How much would I get as a rough estimate if i sold 600 pogs?

My sister gave me a ton of them a long time ago when I was like 5, she was gonna throw them out but I took them....I GOTTA HIDE THEM! she wants em back! So i've been wondering if I sold them, how much could I get?
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You probably won't get more than a few bucks. There really isn't a market for them these days, the fad is long over...but you might find someone who grew up with them that's feeling nostalgic, if the price is low.
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I will wait 10 years and will hope they go up in price, heheheheh.


Rosalyn Kay said...

Just saw this post and had to comment! Obviously you know I love it and would be willing to pay a pretty penny for some pogs. Just sayin'!

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