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Monday, September 21, 2009

Orange and Blue and Glenn Close

What a great time in Gainesville. The game may have been a little too close for comfort, but at least Lane Kiffin walked away from The Swamp with a well justified pouty face. I walked away with an orange pom pom. Kyle walked away without his shirt and glasses. I win.

In college football fashion news, my new blog friend Mrs. Dandy posted this link for game day dresses. Whether you bleed orange and blue, garnet and gold, or even (gulp) red and black, this website is the next best thing since Sweet Tea Vodka.

And we all know that is a pretty tough standard to meet.

And unrelated to college football, I am excited to report that Glenn Close won an Emmy for Damages.

AWESOME. This show is my absolute favorite (with multiple reality t.v. shows coming in a close second), and I cross my fingers after every season that FX will keep bringing the magic. Apparently, Damages is not coming back until Jan. this year. Tragic. I may not be a network executive, but I think this scheduling decision is a bad one. I guess my 24 DVDs will have to keep me and K8 occupied for now.

Have a great night!


for the love said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Yours is great! Just added myself as a follower. Love the Gators and love Damages! I was happy to see Glenn Close win as well. I just wish they didn't wait so long in between seasons of Damages.

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