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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Vino errr... Tasting (?)

D&Me, K8, PJ, and I went to a wine tasting this past weekend at Winestyles. We have been talking about doing this forever so I think we were a little too excited. Tasting, Schmasting. It was closer to a party.

Just to get a visual:

So, there we were on wine # 5-the final red-when, the owner, Robert, reaches down and pulls the Hope Diamond out of the Smithsonian wine chiller. Behold:

It is crazy because for something that is 15% alcohol, it tastes EXACTLY LIKE CHOCOLATE MILK (with a kick). I brought it to a dinner party that night, but alas, K8 discovered its most legitimate purpose- DESSERT. We poured it on a little vanilla gelato, namely:

Talenti, by the way, is amazing in its own right. We had this combo over D&Me's house while watching Saturday night football. True story: It was so amazing, that even baby Ellis in her Georgia cheerleader uniform enjoyed! I didn't judge. (I mean the cheerleading uniform, not the indulgence). And neither should you.



Kate said...

Bahaha!! ChatTeaKathy-- the fact that you found pictures for every moment of the ChocoVine experience made this blog post! Thanks for the laugh :)

Anonymous said...

This is by far my favorite nickname. and almost my favorite dessert. is it wrong to want to drink a bottle of it right now?

mcrawford said...

Cute kid, isn't she! Please tell me she wasn't drinking veno!!!
Signed: Nana

mWm said...

OMG! I am a member of the WineStyles here in San Diego and I am going to BBM the manager RIGHT NOW to get me some of that ChocoVine!!!!!

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