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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Giving Thanks

Because it is 12:30am, EST, I thought I would be one of the firsts to wish you a Happy Turkey Day! I am thankful for so many things it would take 1 million blog posts to list them all. Don't worry, I will spare you the tiresome reading and focus on one thing- I am so grateful for my family.

It's funny because even as a child, I remember thinking this holiday was amazing for many reasons, mostly mashed potatoes, turkey, and getting to sit next to my Pop Pop at the dinner table (a privilege of being the first grandchild!) As an adult living about 9 hours away from my family, I realize that even my little 6-year-old brain was right on one point- this holiday IS about sitting next to your family at the table.

I am extremely fortunate that this year my family picked my brother up in Gainesville and brought the Thanksgiving dinner table to me.

(Me and my brother watching a Gator game)

I will get to spend the holiday with them for the first time in 3 years. This is just about the best Thanksgiving a girl can ask for.

I hope that whatever you are doing for Thanksgiving, you have a wonderful day filled with good food and the people you love!


Anonymous said...

What a blessing! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family, the people that MAKE this holiday so very precious. *SMOOCHES*

Stephanie said...

Happy Thanksgiving lady! Enjoy your time with your family!

Kristin said...

Sounds like you a fabulous time. Go Gators!!

Jax said...

I'm so glad you got to spend the holiday with your fam, girlie!! I hope you had a FABULOUS time and had lots of laughs, smiles, and excellent food. :)

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