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Monday, November 2, 2009

Lady Gaga meet Tim Tebow

This past weekend was a whirlwind of wigs, microphones, orange and blue dresses, and a song that I once hated (but now have a new affinity for) Miley Cyrus, Party in the USA. Welcome to FL GA weekend in Jacksonville.

PJ, Kyle, K8, B, D&Me and I all drove down to Jax to celebrate costumes, candy, and college football. On Friday, we indulged in an early Halloween and partied it up in costume at the Jax Beach bars. I was Lady Gaga, and PJ was my Paprazzi. K8 and B were 70's peeps, and Kyle was...wait for it..."on a boat."

The way Jill wore her hat in this photo made me laugh. But then, she got serious and flipped it backwards. This is Jill on the dance floor during the song "Paparazzi."

& here is Kyle:

My microphone ended up being the best prop because every time I would put it in front of someone, they made a fool of themselves (something I was pretty much doing all night.) I contemplated bringing it out Saturday to the game, but instead I opted for my standard orange pom pom.

Saturday morning, we started tailgating bright and early with Mimosas and various games. B and K8, the two non-Gators of the group, were the best dressed Gator-fans-for-a-day out there. Scratch that, they killed all of us long term fans with their game day attire.

We ended up watching the game this year at The Landings, the staple spot when you do not have tickets. It was a madhouse. But a good kind of one.

It was a pretty fantastic weekend. I came out of the mix only losing a hairpin and a cooler. Kyle lost nothing (but did break a pair of aviators). Success! I can't wait for next year.


Kate said...

LOVE it! Maybe Florida Georgia will have to be a halloween tradition :)

The Wife said...

Love Tim Tebow even though I pull for the Gamecocks!

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