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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Your Prayers

A very dear friend of mine at law school sent this beautiful email a few days ago. Her young, talented, amazing cousin has cancer. He has already looked to the medical profession for help. Now, he needs your prayers. Please pray for Brant and his family.

[Note: This email was entitled "Foxhole"]

Many of you know that my cousin, Brant, is fighting for his life with Stage 4 rectal cancer. Brant is 33, has a 3 year old son and a wife that loves him dearly. He has achieved much in his time here thus far. He finished within the top of his class at Duke Med School and has been at Stanford completing his residency for the past 6 years. Brant is also an inventor who has a patent on a new technology xxxxxxxxxxxxxx that many doctors believe will revolutionize the way we treat those with heart disease. With all this said, it is even more apparent that cancer is the Great Equalizer. No one is immune. With all of his training, knowledge, medical connections, and fortitude in facing invasive treatments, the cancer continues to spread. Brant has already contributed so much to this world through his ingenuity, and since he was diagnosed in January, his words have brought so much joy to those that read his blog. He is now pulling out all stops. Until yesterday, the plan was to undergo a risky surgery at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, where they would install a hepatic pump into his liver to fight the cancer. The surgery was cancelled because they now suspect he may have pancreatic cancer. If they find it is an original tumor (not one that has spread), he will not be able to have the surgery. This is where God comes in. We, as human beings, can only do so much with our technology. There is only one Being that can affect this and He is who I am asking each of you to talk to today. Please ask God to bring his family peace, to heal his liver, pancreas, and all other affected areas. I don't know what else to do at this point other than to ask for each of you to keep him in your prayers today (10/30). If you have time, read his latest journal entry. I have never known anyone to handle something like this with more dignity and humor. Like my dad said, "you never know how you're going to act in the foxhole until you are in the foxhole." Brant is in the foxhole, and he's standing up, in the open, with both guns firing. Please, please say a prayer for him today.
With love for all my friends and family,


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