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Saturday, December 5, 2009

You Love Him, You Hate Him, You Love to Hate Him

I had my college football heart broken tonight when Bama defeated (um seriously defeated) my Gators. Bama deserved that game. We didn't hand it to them- they came in with vengeance and snatched it right up. I respect that (minus Ingram's Gator chomp in the last few min of the game, but we won't impute that on the whole team).

I know that probably 99% of my readers are sick of hearing about Tebow. I understand. He is all over the TV/mags/newspapers etc. It is probably annoying when you are not a Gator fan. BUT that being said, he really is a great person and football player. Thanks for a great season Tebow. I am looking forward to watching you play in a bowl game.


The Dishy Decorator said...

Oh poor Tebow. I was almost "drool and snot crying" when I saw him crying today. They put up a good fight, that's for sure.

The Wife said...

Sad day for Tebow but I love him! When I saw him crying I felt so bad! Such a cute man!

very married said...

I was pretty disappointed by the Nebraska/Texas game last night... most of my family hails from Nebraska originally so they're all obsessed. but at least this way the bcs stuff wasn't screwed up!

Pink Lace and Cupcakes said...

Being a Hokie and having dealt with major disappointment this time of the year I really feel for you. He was blubbering:( I wanted to give him a hug!

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