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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

It's December, and I am still thankful.

November found a blogsphere filled with thankfulness posts, and I definitely contributed by documenting my own appreciation. So while running the risk of annoying you with my continuing thankful spirit, I would like to say I am so grateful for two awards:

The three blogs that so sweetly tagged me for one of these are my regular reads. Dooley & Me, as mentioned before, is one of my IRL law school friends. She is awesome and so is her co-star, Dooley. She may be a Georgia fan, but being a big fan of hers, I am willing to accept her black and redness with open arms :) Pink Tights and Pigskin is one of my latest favorites reads and tweet pal. A former fellow dweller of the law school halls, this girl is not only the sweetest, but she also keeps it real. Miss L.A. at Life, Lilly, and L.A. writes such a fun blog to read. I love her sense of style, and when I first saw the Barbie heels on her sidebar, I thought, I really like this girl!

To start, for the Sugar Doll, I list 10 facts about me. For the sake of saving you all from repetition, they will not be the strangest facts about me as I listed those in this award post.

1. I am not naturally a red head, but I swear I am going to have a red-headed daughter.

2. I really really want to rescue a dog.

3. I twirled baton from age 6 to age 11. Apparently, it is a skill you never lose b/c as a joke I have been ask to try again. I can still do it. Moral of the story: don't hand me a glass of wine and a baton.

4. My grandfather (Pop-Pop) is an identical twin. He and his brother were married a month apart to women with the same birthday. They both have five kids, all the same ages. They live in the town homes that they both built together, both on opposite ends. They drove the same car. They are too darn cute!

5. My first name Kathrine is missing the traditional "e" in the middle. It was pretty much a typo on my birth certificate, and my parentals decided to keep it. My name is "Kath" (no pause) "Rine" not "Kath" "A" Rine."

6. I am not a pink girl. I know I may lose readers over this (just kidding I hope). I think it looks great on other people, but I would rather grab for green, blue, or purple, any day.

7. My boyfriend has the same initials as me (including the middle), and our mom's have the same names. This is just 2 of the strange similarities between us.

8. At some point in my life, I would love to live in Texas. Preferably Dallas or Austin. I love the Big State.

9. I sleep walk sometimes. I think at this point most of my friends have experienced this. For that, I am sorry!

10. I LOVE scary movies. I think I have seen all the recent ones.

And for the Happy 101 award, I list 10 things I am that make me happy. (*disclaimer: my list ranges from the serious to the frivolous for the sake of not boring my readers.)

1. As mentioned during Thanksgiving I am thankful for my family and my BF, Kyle. It is rough living so far away, but just knowing I have them for support brings a smile to my face.

(Me & Kyle)

2. My friends. I know this cliche, but if you knew them, you would post this too!

(LD, Me & JS- childhood friends)

3. Pandora. I cannot get enough music. My life definitely has a soundtrack.

4. Reality TV. The more classless, the better!

5. Law school. It is a huge pain sometimes. But at the end of the day, I would never have met these fantastic people and have had these wonderful experiences without it.

6. Cheese. I know, weird. But it is one of my favorite foods, only second to soup :)

7. College Football. If you read my blog before, you probably know this already.

8. Swedish Fish & Sour Patch Kids. How else would I get through studying?

9. Diet Coke. I mean I have a problem. I am just waiting for the day they officially announce it causes all kinds of health problems. I hope it is long after I am gone.

10. The movies. Going to the movies is my favorite date night or night out with the girls (my movie night with the girls usually includes juice box wine. Classy.)

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jill said...

Your #5 strange fact reminds me of mark (no dot) ingram.

Jax said...

Good post, girlie!! And while I do love pink, I SO wish I looked better in green! I look sickly.. haha! :) Have a VERY Merry Christmas!! XOXO!

jill said...

actually, that's the heisman winner, but I'm sure you know who I'm thinking about

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